Sony Pictures

Wardpark Studios (Former Isola Plant), Cumbernauld, Scotland

Creation of 140,000 sq/ft Studio complex for Outlander television series.
Unfortunately we are subject to None Disclosure Agreements so no photographs of the project are available. But what we can tell you is that from originally being involved in the short listing of buildings we were then appointed to get a 140,000 sq/ft studio complex up and running in 20 weeks and rolling program thereafter. As lead consultant this included the creation of two 13,000 sq/ft studios, ancillary departments including, Construction, Plaster, Paint shops, Costume, Make-up, Production Departments, Editing Suites, Back-lot and support offices.
Wardpark Studios is now one of the biggest Studio Complex’s in the UK.
Outlander TV series is currently being aired in the US and is receiving favourable reviews - The second series has now been commissioned.
We are currently advising on Phase 2.
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